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Monday, January 18, 2010 - Hot Design Trends for 2010

Guy St. Germain, Edmonton Region President of Canadian Home Builders Association, spoke at the 2010 Housing Forecast Seminar and gave us an insiders look at HOT DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2010!

Guy’s message about the housing market in Edmonton was simply this, “Cautious Optimism – It’s a slow road to recovery.” He touched on how the job market remains weak and how Edmonton has flat job growth. Personal income growth has stalled and debt to disposable income ratio has risen to 145%. He did, however, share with us show home traffic showed a slow increase by the third quarter of 2009.

When choosing a home, people want COMFORT, CONVENIENCE, STYLE, AFFORDABILITY, and FUNTIONALITY (this year, AFFORDABILITY being the dominant factor!).

TREND #1: Going Green to Save Green!

Buyers are looking for long-term home efficiency. Built Green™ is a program that offers certification for new single family homes, row homes and multi-story and residential towers. Built Green™ owned and managed by the Built Green™ Society of Canada, Board of Directors. Membership in Built Green™ is open to all members of participating Home Builders’ Associations (HBA’s) including builders, renovators, product suppliers or manufacturers, service providers, community developers and municipalities. For more information on the program, go to

TREND #2: Sustainable Wood Flooring

People are starting to buy more inexpensive flooring. People are willing to spend 10% more on “green” flooring; however, for example, bamboo flooring is priced 25% higher than other types of flooring, so not as many people are switching over. 

TREND #3: Wide Hardwood Floorboards

Bigger budgets are allowing for 8, 10, 12” wide floorboards. From pine, birch and walnut to heavily grained wood such as oak and ash.

TREND #4: Grey is the New Neutral

Grey and blue-based neutrals are the new trend. The colors match with the natural stones (granite). Shag carpet (in the grey tones) are still in for 2010!

TREND #5: Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an inexpensive way to stay on trend. Wallpaper helps to bring texture into a room - mixing rough wall paper with smooth sinks give a good design balance. In 2010, you’ll also begin to see more wallpaper on ceilings in homes!

TREND #6: Glass Tiles

From small mosaic tiles to larger tiles, all sizes of glass tiles will be used in 2010!

TREND #7: Kitchen Cabinets

  1. People will begin to see two-tone cabinets. Lots of marble counter-tops paired with granite and stone.
  2. White Kitchens are back, allowing an airier look to the kitchen. White kitchens allow maximum brightness and lots of light to reflex within the kitchen space.

TREND #8: High-tech Kitchens

From built-in recycling centers to retractable hood-fans, kitchens are the heart of a home and are going “high-tech”.  In 2010, you’ll being to see more built-in wiring for entertainment units (…in the kitchen for example), as well as more bronze and copper appliances.

TREND #9: Bathrooms

65% of home sales are influenced by bathrooms. Bathrooms are beginning to replace the kitchen as one of the most important rooms. In 2010, bathrooms will bring dedicated spaces for him and her, heated floor tiles, and multi-person steam showers. Buyers will be willing to pay more for an updated bathroom. Calm colors, including greys, blues and neutral tones, will be featured in bathroom designs.

TREND #10: Dog Showers!

Yes, I said Dog Showers! People are beginning to request a dedicated area within their home to shower their dog(s). You’ll find most dog showers in the mud room, garage, or in the laundry room of new homes.

For details on new home trends, or if you have questions about the Built Green™ program, please contact the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) at 780-425-1020 or check out their website at

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